My little site.


My name is Rich. I help build websites and stores.

My skills include PHP, JavaScript, HTML & CSS. I build shops using FoxyCart & Shopify.

If you need help hooking up FoxyCart to your website, or need a custom action to a transaction, or maybe need to build a customer portal for your FoxyCart store: Send me a message

(past & present)


A custom online shop powered by FoxyCart & TextPattern

Chilly Jilly

A custom online shop powered by FoxyCart & custom PHP framework

Fabiani Cohen & Hall, LLP

A New York law firm, custom design built on WordPress

Jay McInerney

Author. TextPattern based site.

West End Consulting

Connecticut based employeer skills consulting firm. Help maintain site and upkeep.

TDC Inc.

Coaching skills. TextPattern based site.